A neat and clean study material helps a student to achieve peak and success in a systematic way.

Online notes

We have dedicated resources to upload day to day class room study work selected carefully from attending students notebook. Requesting students to make their online profile to get their needs services. All of our library materials can be checked out and viewed instantly by our students, once registered.


Futuristic classes

At present we are running few classes on safety, basic electronics, basic electrical technique, gardening, house keeping and basic computer programming. These courses are of one week in duration except basic electronics and basic computer programming, which help students to meet their daily service needs in future. All lab work is conducted in in-house laboratory environment with the help of instructor.


Get your educational needs protected in cover

We encourage student growth and engagement through international online student groups.



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Our Programs 


Is your ward syudying in std. I - X, and you are not getting enough time to do your personal activity


      * Making school projects in short time

      * Covering textbooks & notebooks

      * Recovery of photographs